mandag 14. mars 2011


The White-Tailed Eagle Opens Her Wide Wing Span
to an Endless Wind            

across the sand, white
  and cold as old seamen
    walking widelegged down the stone fences
      with tobacco yellow longfinger nails around the rake  handles
        and the mild weather

over the moors, red
  as autumns of love around the villages of gravel
    sudden arisals from smouldering beds
      and subdued women’s voices

over the fjord, glacier blue
  and tar burnt like sleep

quickly the shadow lurks like a worm
  across the warm flat stones in the pile

(HAVØRNA FEMNER SITT BREIE SPENN OM EIN UENDELEG VIND from fluktlinjer 2000 translated into english by Veronika Bonaa)

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